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Mio is a fast and safe mobile browser. With Mio Browser at your fingertips, you’ll discover more and find it faster. Make Mio your default browser today.

Mio Browser combines search and browsing technologies with an experience designed specifically for your phone. The Mio Browser is packed with fun and helpful features. We're actively building and launching more fun & exciting features.

About Us

2050 is a software company focused on key passion points that engage the world’s most influential audience. We create high-quality software products across multiple verticles that our users actively engage in.

Founded on the sunny beaches of California, the team behind 2050 is a vibrant network of thinkers who care about the world and are committed to making it better through their craft, software, and their ideas.

We’re on a mission to push our audience away from passive consumption and drive them towards real change. Let’s do this together.

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